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We are Defeat Drugs Co. and whether it is enjoying a simple walk down the beach, spending a day relaxing at home, or flying a kite with family, the family of services offered by Defeat Drugs Counseling Group exists to help clients and their families live again. Defeat Drugs Counseling Group works with addiction treatment centers, insurance companies, employers, veterans groups, universities, and correctional facilities to help clients restore their lives. We seek to increase access to mental health treatment by providing totally integrated solutions.

Our services are accessible anytime, anywhere, via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The Defeat Drugs Counseling family of businesses seeks to improve the quality of life for Americans suffering from a variety of life crises and help clients restore their lives and live again. We provide the only programs in the industry with Deep Mind Insight™, an assessment program that quantitatively measures patient progress and counselor effectiveness.

Our proprietary Sixth Sense Counselor Recruitment Model™ recruits and selects the highest quality counselors to ensure consistent superior results. We also provide additional resources and support in as many ways as possible to families and clients, including the SOBER101® Resource Library subscriptions, which provides 24 videos and a library of informational materials in order to provide the greatest probability of long-term sobriety for clients while supporting their families. Several programs include an artificial intelligence app for 24/7 support between counseling sessions.



You get full access to your counselor via face-to-face video counseling sessions right from your phone, tablet or computer

The value of video counseling delivery and quality of Defeat Drugs counselors has been proven by independent research. The University of Central Florida Department of Health Informatics analyzed assessment results for Defeat Drugs clients at the beginning of treatment and after a minimum of ten sessions, showing astounding results.

The addiction treatment program provides six months of care for the cost of many two-week inpatient stays, completely confidentially and without having to visit a counselor’s office. The powerful combination of medication assisted treatment and Defeat Drugs’s virtual counseling reduces six month relapse rates from over 50% to less than 10%.


Getting treatment can feel shameful or scary. We’re here to change that. Unlike programs where you meet others in public – we’re different because with our reliable online platform we are able to provide professional quality counseling in the privacy of your own home.  People at different stages of recovery learn from our individual, group, and text video counseling combined with a 24/7 artificial intelligence app will differentiate your program and reduce relapse rates.

Our counselors will help you make a deep personal transformation, and our physicians will help you safely taper off medication when you feel ready.

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